What Do I Need For Income Tax Preparation?

There is a checklist of items you need to have when coming for a tax preparation appointment. Usually, the requirement varies, depending on the situation. But, in any case, you must be able to provide certain information and documentation to enable us to file your tax return. Below is an individual/business tax checklist for documents you will need;

Personal information

  1. Your 9-digit social security number or Taxpayer Identification Number
  2. Spouse’s and dependents’ social security number(s).

Information on your income

  1. W-2 forms for you and your spouse (if employed)
  2. 1099 forms- these forms are of various types, but they all report payments made to non-employee individuals. For example, form 1099-INT is for interest earned, 1099-MISC is for contract work.


Deductions help to lower your tax bill by reducing your taxable income. You can only claim these deductions in your tax preparation if you have the documents. 

  1. Medical expenses
  2. Health insurance
  3. Childcare expenses
  4. Charitable donations
  5. Educational expenses
  6. Retirement
  7. Other savings